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What Our Members Say...

"The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation was coming after me for over $8,000 in fines and administrative penalties. I didn't know what to do. Thankfully, I called Texas Lawsurance and signed for a plan. My attorney got the matter settled with a warning on one charge and all other charges were dropped. As a mom and pop business, I can't tell you how much it means to save over $8,000. My license was on the line and Texas Lawsurance came through!"
C.B. Austin, TX
"I never needed a lawyer before, but we had a client who was just so angry at us for no reason and she decided to sue us. While the sale was only for a few thousand dollars, she sued us for over $20,000. Thankfully, we already had coverage through Texas Lawsurance. Our lawyer stepped in and handled the case. You really don't know how much you need a lawyer until you REALLY need a lawyer! Thank you, Texas Lawsurance!
B.R. Perryton, TX
"Sometimes you can be sued for doing the right thing. My company came out to an accident scene, cleaned up hazardous fluids and debris, uprighted some heavy equipment, and generally saved the day following an accident. To thank me, the owners of the company we helped decided to sue me to try to lower my bill. They figured that they had more money and could afford it. They didn't knows I had an attorney on hand through Texas Lawsurance that cost less than theirs. They ended up paying in full. Talk about teaching the big dog a lesson!"
R.N.. Corpus Christi, TX
"I've had a problem with collecting from insurance companies for years. They either stall you out, cut your payment, or flat out refuse to pay. Well, I decided to give Texas Lawsurance a try and I've recovered over $30,000 from just one of my collection cases. This plan didn't just save me money - it made me money."
P.W. San Angelo, TX
"I was up against a wall. The state agency where I got my license wanted to revoke my license based on an incident that had nothing to do with my work as a licensee. I didn't know what to do and I couldn't find a lawyer I could afford to take my case. Texas Lawsurance brought me on as a member and directed me to a provider. He not only fought my license revocation, he won! I would have never had a chance at this on my own. I am so grateful to be able to keep practicing in my chosen career."
J.R. San Antonio, TX

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